Media Mentions

 ⭐ Featured in AirAsia Travel 3Sixty Magazine for the story about Temple City of Bhubaneswar.(article link)

⭐ Featured in NIT Rourkela Monday Morning News and Conducted Workshop on YouTube Filmmaking (article link).

⭐ Featured in HighFly ODM School Interview - Talk on YouTube & Filmmaking

⭐ Featured on Official Odisha Tourism video and invited by Govt of Odisha for the launch of new website.

Featured on Odisha Tourism website for Travel Tips. 

⭐ Collaborated with Internaational YouTuber Karl Rock on Temple Food of Odisha.

 ⭐ Featured in OrissaPOST Live chat show on the occasion of Pakhala Dibasa.

⭐ Featured in popular music video on Bhubaneswar city by OrissaPOST Live.

⭐ Featured in New Indian Express for founding World Dahibara Aloodum Dibasa 1st of March.

⭐ Featured for founding World Dahibara Aloodum Dibasa in Sarthak FM 91.9 radio programme.

⭐ MyCityLinks article feature on World Dahibara Aloodum Dibasa.

⭐ Featured in Cover Story on Youtubers - MyCityLinks newspaper - Vol:6 Issue:3 - web article link

⭐ Featured in regional newspaper about my YouTube story.

⭐ Featured on Times of India for promoting Odisha on Utkala Diwas.

⭐ Featured in regional newspaper for promoting lesser known Debjharan waterfall which holds potential for tourism activities.

⭐ Featured in New Indian Express for Vrooming on YouTube about my travel vlogging journey.